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Can the 170k #gamestop tweets from Jan 25th-29th gives us an insight into the ensuing market chaos?

The ensuing impact of Elon Musk’s now famous ‘Gamestonk!!’ tweet over time | Skanda Vivek

The Olympics are where the world comes together. And Twitter is where the world shares views. Let’s use Graphia and NetworkX to see how Twitter is reacting to Simone Biles’ decision

Tweet Networks around ‘Simone Biles’ visualized in Graphia | Skanda Vivek

This week’s cyber-physical news takes a deep dive into recent high profile cyber-attacks, the Biden administration’s response, and a typo in Biden’s executive order!

Thoughts and Theory

A tutorial on advanced traffic simulations in complex urban networks using SUMO and python

Cars in a city | Image by Pexels from Pixabay

https is a big deal when it comes to security, professional look, and SEO rankings

GitHub logo | Bo-Yi Wu

I was pleasantly surprised this financial best seller emphasizes the mindset of creating value for the life you want, rather than running after money.

Photo of the book by Robert T. Kiyosaki | Skanda Vivek

Thoughts and Theory

A novel comparison between KMeans, DBSCAN, Hierarchical clustering models in machine learning, applied to urban networks

Hong Kong Night Traffic | PxHere

The importance of mental discipline and the never-ending search for truth

Portrait of Gandhi by Indrajit Das

Let’s use data to understand the role of the Colonial pipeline in the larger U.S. petroleum-product pipeline network.

Major petroleum product pipelines in the United States. Source: EIA. Image credits: Skanda Vivek

Skanda Vivek

Scientist at the interface of data science, cybersecurity, and society. For data based perspectives on societal issues → https://skandavivek.substack.com/

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